Welcome to the Branded Cablecatcher!

Tired of the same old boring corporate branded gift ideas, those expensive items thrown in the back of a draw still in their original box or discarded once the ink runs out or the battery dies…

How about a product that is inexpensive and will be used on a daily basis in both the corporate and home environment…
Manufactured out of PVC and the size of a credit card, the patented branded cablecatcher is the ideal corporate gift for any company or product. Printed in full colour the branded cablecatcher will carry your corporate brand identity and can be personalized with individual franchises, sales consultants or clients details or picture in one easy process. It can even replace the traditional business card or be used for brand awareness / product launch / magazine insert.
We even offer an eco cablecatcher manufactured out of recycled plastic and available in limited quantities.

Customer Testimonials:

The branded cablecatcher works well in the multiple capacity as an ‘in your face’ reminder as well as a subliminal message to reinforce your brand every time anyone charge their appliance.
We are able to manufacturer the branded cablecatcher for larger quantities as a promotional give away to your existing client base or as a daily reminder to new potential markets.
The branded cablecatcher costs vary depending on numbers ordered, with over 40 years of combined design, repro and printing experience Mark (M2 Marketing) and Kevin (Den Graphics Studio) will be able to assist with the relevant pricing options, design requirements and queries to get the best end result from your branded cablecatcher.
branded cablecatcher

Cablecatcher Benefits/Features

In this modern hi-tech world we all interact with rechargeable and portable devices in both the corporate and our home environment – each of these devices has a multiple of cables and charges…

Imagine if all these cables were easily accessible and organised in one place – now imagine the exposure your brand would receive every time an appliances is charged – the cablecatcher becomes a mini billboard, your brand would ‘OWN THE DESK’!
The cablecatcher’s core function is to catch your cable before it falls of your table, now check out it’s other advantages…
  • Branding – Promotions – Marketing – own the desk, ‘IN YOUR FACE’ reminder each time you charge your appliance
  • Contact Info – relevant contact information easy at hand – service, feedback, orders, warranty
  • Events – Conferences – multiple use access card – branding – link to future events – re-use as cablecatcher – eco
  • Business Card – great alternative to the traditional business card – branding – relevant contact information easy at hand
  • Gift Cards – branding – link – orders – specials – re-use as cablecatcher once credit has been used – eco
  • Loyalty – Royalty – card in wallet – branded cablecatcher on desk – update link – orders – specials – redeem voucher / prizes
  • Club Membership – franchise, delivery, retail, sport betting, wine etc. – membership number – link – orders – specials
  • Competitions – Charity / Donation – perfect ‘THANK YOU’ and link to further updates, donations and vouchers
  • On-Line Shopping – retail – membership number – link – orders – specials
  • Mobile Companies – inbox marketing – SIM Card, PUK numbers – recharge info – links – re-use as cablecatcher – eco
  • Hotel Access Cards – they never give them back anyway – branding – link – re-use as cablecatcher – eco
  • Eco “Go Green” usable / re-usable – imagine how many plastic cards are produced for once off application…
    – now imagine if these cards where re-used as eco cablecatcher’s
    We even offer an eco cablecatcher manufactured out of recycled plastic and available in limited quantaties.
  • Personalization – each cablecatcher can be personalized with any relevant information/emergency numbers
  • Variable Data – ideal for individual membership/loyalty or insurance policy numbers and barcodes
  • Contact Info – relevant contact information or emergency numbers easy at hand
  • QR Code – a simple system that works in conjunction with your smart phone/tablet camera and a free downloadable app
    – direct link to URL/website, competition/events/promotions, online warranty/feedback form, facebook or youtube
    – link to private, secure, confidential information in conjunction with a password
    – events/conferences – use the cablecatcher as a payment/token refund portal
    – personal and demographic information collection
    – event finished – update URL and use link for news/events/promotions and on-line sales
Check out our portfolio of corporate cablecatcher and folder designs…
‘Own the desk’… Stick one on your desk and be amazed how many times a day you see your branded cablecatcher.